Due to the recent events of COVID -19, Pan Am Experience flights have been temporarily suspended. We will post new experience dates As soon as Los Angeles country opens the ability to hold small gatherings. Please continue to monitor our website for upcoming dates. To ensure your safety, prior to each experience flight, our cabin cleaners will be performing a deep clean of all aircraft surfaces prior to flight. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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May 1, 2024

In the Sky’s Theater: Exploring the Artistry of Airshow Performances and Precision Aerobatic Flying

Introduction: Step into the world of airshow performances, where the skies become a canvas for breathtaking displays of precision flying, daring maneuvers, and thrilling aerial spectacles. Join us as we explore the artistry and precision behind airshow performances and the skill and mastery of pilots who push the limits of aerobatic flight to captivate and inspire audiences around the world. The Thrill of Aerobatics: Aerobatic flying is the art of performing precision maneuvers and daring stunts in the air, pushing both the aircraft and the pilot to their limits. From loops and rolls to spins and dives, aerobatic pilots demonstrate exceptional skill, precision, and control as they execute a choreographed sequence of maneuvers with grace and precision. Precision Flying: At […]