Due to the recent events of COVID -19, Pan Am Experience flights have been temporarily suspended. We will post new experience dates As soon as Los Angeles country opens the ability to hold small gatherings. Please continue to monitor our website for upcoming dates. To ensure your safety, prior to each experience flight, our cabin cleaners will be performing a deep clean of all aircraft surfaces prior to flight. We look forward to seeing you soon.

K-EARTH 101 — New Pan Am Dinner Experience Takes You Back In Time To Golden Age Of Travel

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K-EARTH 101 — New Pan Am Dinner Experience Takes You Back In Time To Golden Age Of Travel

By Britt Bickel
November 17, 2014

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Longing for the days when air travel was once a glamorous experience? Nostalgic for the days when there was plenty of leg room on flights and you didn’t have to fight for the arm rests with your seat-mate?  Well, thanks to a new dining experience, you can transport back to this golden age of travel with Air Hollywood’s Pan Am Experience.

The Los Angeles based studio, which is home to the World’s Largest Aviation-Themed Film Studio, has taken a replica Pan Am 747 and restored it to its 1970s elegance complete with actors in full ’70s-era uniforms serving up a four-course meal, according to Mashable.

“For the first time since Pan Am ceased operations, you can now relive the magic of this golden era in travel,” Air Hollywood boasts on its website. The experience features a four-course gourmet dinner with a variety of choices, cocktails and film screenings from that era.

Air Hollywood promises that “everything from the china to the glassware is authentic with careful attention to the exquisite service delivery of the era and menu offerings of Pan Am.”

The Pan Am Experience ‘takes off’ select dates starting in January, and some dates are already sold out. The price of a ticket to board the Pan Am Experience starts at $267 for the main deck cabin and $327 for the upper deck dining room.

For more details and to purchase tickets, visit airhollywood.com.