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May 2, 2017

BOING BOING — The “Pan Am Experience:” Luxury Dinner, Circa 1970, Served in a Recreated 747

By Mark Frauenfelder May 2, 2017 Original Story At $300 a person, the Pan Am Experience in Los Angeles costs more than many round trip plane flights. But the food is better and they won’t knock your teeth out or kill your rabbit. Your Pan Am Experience begins at our exclusive First & Clipper class check-in desk. where our Pan Am customer service agent provides each passenger with a 70’s style boarding pass, ticket jacket and first class carry-on tags. You’ll be invited into the Clipper Club where you’ll have an opportunity to peruse the vintage Pan Am memorabilia including authentic uniforms, airline seats, handbags, artwork, and more. You can mingle with other enthusiasts at the Clipper Club lounge, share stories, […]
April 28, 2017

CORE77 — The “Pan Am Experience:” Luxury Dinner, Circa 1970, Served in a Recreated 747

What we really want to see is “The United Experience” By Rain Noe April 28, 2017 Original Story While the experience of driving is better today than it was fifty years ago, flying commercial has become worse. That has given rise to a rather bizarre, nostalgia-driven restaurant in Los Angeles: The Pan Am Experience, where people pay $300 a head to sit in a reconstructed 1970s-era 747 and have a 4.5-hour, six-course meal with caviar and booze. The experience is meant to evoke the days when flying was a luxury and chances were slim that you’d get your teeth knocked out on the tarmac in Chicago. The stewardesses carve your food up for you in the aisles while you studiously […]
April 27, 2017

BIZBASH — Vogue’s Director of Special Events Gives Planning Tips Ahead of Met Gala, LVMH to Launch Platform for Experiences, Inside Los Angeles’s Trendy Pan Am Dining Experience

By Ian Zelaya April 27, 2017 Original Story 1. ‘VOGUE’S DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL EVENTS GIVES PLANNING TIPS AHEAD OF MET GALA: Eaddy Kiernan, Vogue‘s director of special events, is the event-planning mastermind of the annual Met Gala, which takes place on Monday. Kiernan recently gave tips on hosting a Met Gala-worthy event. Vogue: “So what exactly does Kiernan recommend? ‘Dim the lighting, but not so much that people can’t see each other. I like lots of candlelight, and think fresh flowers are really important. Even making sure that you have flowers in your powder room can make a big difference.’  Kiernan, for her own part, favors a good garden rose. But she doesn’t necessarily believe that a professional arrangement is […]
April 26, 2017

ADWEEK — Can L.A.’s Trendy Pan Am Dining Experience Make a Landing on the Las Vegas Strip?

By Robert Klara April 26, 2017 Original Story For the past three years, adventurous gourmands, wealthy eccentrics and Hollywood A-listers have clamored for seats in what just might be L.A.’s most exclusive restaurant. Bestia? The Edmon? Providence? Nah—those power scenes are merely for the rich and famous. The truly adventurous have been competing for a reservation at the Pan Am Experience. From the outside, it certainly doesn’t look very exclusive. The restaurant is located in a beige brick warehouse behind razor wire in the industrial wastelands of the city’s Pacoima neighborhood. Yet once a week, a fortunate few assemble there to travel back in time. The complex at 13240 Weidner St. is home to Air Hollywood (more on that in a minute), and […]

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