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September 22, 2016

INDULGE MAGAZINE – Restaurant with Nostalgia and Nosh: The Pan Am Experience

indulgemagazine2016 September 22, 2016 Food & Drink, Travel Air travel has become a way of life, but who doesn’t long for the golden age of travel when flying was glamorous and what you wore was just as important as what you packed? No airline has left such a lasting impression of such an era than Pan Am. For those who remember flying this airline, it brings memories of a time when families would greet and see you off at the gate, flight attendants were known as stewardesses, carry-on luggage was not yet invented, and shockingly – smoking was permitted on flights! The Pan Am Experience takes you back to that golden age and it all begins, of course, at the […]
September 13, 2016

SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MAGAZIN – Als Fliegen Noch Extravagant War

Willkommen auf einer Reise in die Vergangenheit, willkommen bei der Pan Am Experience.(Foto: Mike Kelley / Air Hollywood) “Screwdriver? Manhattan? Gin Martini?” In Los Angeles kann man sich in einer nachgebauten Pan-Am-Maschine in die Lässigkeit der Siebzigerjahre zurücklehnen. Aber früher war nicht alles besser. Von Jürgen Schmieder   Es ist erstaunlich, mit welch zeitloser Eleganz sich Chandall aus diesem misslichen Moment befreit. Sie lächelt freundlich, gar so, als würde sie sich über diesen Scherz aus der Kategorie Altherrenwitz tatsächlich köstlich amüsieren. Sie nimmt diese Männerhand, die langsam über ihren Rücken nach sehr weit unten gleitet, zwischen ihre Finger und hält sie fest. Mit einer Drehung entgeht sie der Umarmung. “Sie brauchen dringend einen Cocktail”, sagt sie: “Darf ich Ihnen noch […]

  Turn Back Time on a Pan Am Plane Long before the days of cramped seats, slovenly attire and crappy in-flight food, airplane travel was, well, glamorous. Travelers wore pillbox hats and heels, in-flight food was restaurant-grade and there was no such thing as too much champagne. But don’t take it from us. Experience it for yourself at Air Hollywood’s Pan Am Experience in Los Angeles. Offering monthly dinner parties aboard a replica Pan Am Jumbo Jet from the 1970s, the restaurant serves dinner and cocktails by flight attendants decked out in original 1970s Pan Am uniforms. There’s also an after-dinner movie and the chance to view huge collection of airline memorabilia. A note on your threads: “Guests are expected […]
February 22, 2016

THE JET SET FAMILY – Playing Tourist, The Pan Am Experience

FEBRUARY 22, 2016 What year is it again? I’m going to let you in on a little secret and you are going to LOVE me for it. The next time you are looking for something special to do for Saturday date night, you need to hop aboard Pan Am flight 001 for an evening of air travel you will never forget. And guess what? Your feet won’t even leave the ground. Sounds nuts, right? Well maybe just a little bag of complimentary roasted peanuts. The Pan Am Experience based outside of Hollywood is a must-try for all those bitten by the wanderlust bug, but can’t scratch the itch due to lack of vacation days. Pan Am may have ceased operations years ago, but […]

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