Due to the recent events of COVID -19, Pan Am Experience flights have been temporarily suspended. We will post new experience dates As soon as Los Angeles country opens the ability to hold small gatherings. Please continue to monitor our website for upcoming dates. To ensure your safety, prior to each experience flight, our cabin cleaners will be performing a deep clean of all aircraft surfaces prior to flight. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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March 11, 2018
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March 27, 2018

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March 20, 2018
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Los Angeles is plentiful of original, surprising and unique places. Either for business meetings or creative teambuilding sessions, these remarkable spots offer amazing experiences that event planners like to explore and propose to their clients.

There is a one fine dining place that will bring you back to the end of the 60s, more specifically to the golden age of air travelling. Welcome to the Pan Am Experience , a singular restaurant located inside a restored Boeing 747 jumbo jet.


The scene is set, as this 1982 advertisement title underlines it. There was a time when traveling by plane was synonymous with refined and glamorous experience. Flying on a Pan American World Airways Boeing during the 60s and the 70s used to be the best of the best in terms of prestigious journey. The company since disappeared, but on October 8th, 2014, two passionate men decided to make it real again. The Pan Am Experience was born.

Anthony Toth, Talaat Captan and their crew welcome you to their perfect Boeing 747 replica, where you will experience a retro-themed first class five-course dinner. Before boarding, you will check-in at the First and Clipper class desk, visit the museum gathering Pan Am and old aviation memorabilia, and share a great moment with your evening fellow travelers.

It is once on board that you will understand how amazing this place is. The whole team is waiting for you, wearing vintage Pan Am uniforms, ready to bring you back to the glorious time of the company. In this original decor, you’ll get to explore what used to be the finest and the most comfortable way to travel, while enjoying a delicious cocktail.

As the Clipper Juan T. Trippe is about to take off, you are invited to sit and to memorize the safety instructions delivered by your stewardess. Now it’s time to enjoy.


When Anthony Toth designed the Pan Am Experience, this aviation lover was attached to faithfully reproduce the intimate Pan Am universe, from the decor to the meal. You will experience an authentic Pan Am flight, as travelers used to live during the 60s and the 70s. The delicate five-course menu, from appetizers to desserts, was actually served during the company’s active years. The only slight 21th century difference is the possibility to pre-order a vegetarian meal.

After enjoying this delightful moment, you may end your journey by visiting the Air Hollywood studios, where the Pan Am Boeing takes place. The site, developed by Talaat Captan, gathers different plane and cockpit models used by filmmakers for cinematographic purposes.

Uniforms, food, service, tableware, seats, entertainment…Every detail brings you back to an era when flying on planes was a truly unique experience. You definitely can’t miss this very special place during your next stop in L.A.