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June 8, 2015 — My Time Traveling Pan Am Experience

By Scott Walker June 8, 2015 Original Story “And where are you flying today?” Where, indeed? I’ve just stepped up to the check-in counter for my Pan Am Experience “flight,” and according to Air Hollywood‘s website, I’m about to “relive the magic of flying onboard a luxurious Pan Am 747.” In this case, I’ll be flying on board a specific 747, the Pan Am Clipper Juan T. Trippe, named after the airline’s founder. And the entire trip will happen in a Pacoima, CA warehouse. Pan Am Check-in Counter Pan Am Experience Boarding Ticket and Luggage Tags The counter sits just inside the entrance to the terminal / club lobby where I and my fellow passengers congregate while waiting for the departure of […]
June 8, 2015

FIVE STAR MAGAZINE — Relive the magic of flying onboard a Pan Am 747 without leaving the ground

By Five Star Staff June 8, 2015 Original Story Air Hollywood in Los Angeles has made it possible for anyone to experience what it was like to fly with Pan American World Airways in the 70’s. Passengers have the experience of immersing themselves in the glamorous world of air-travel introduced by the pioneer airline Pan Am whose routes spanned 6 continents and more than 80 countries. Authentic uniforms, airline seats, vintage Pan Am memorabilia, 70’s music and magazines create a theatrical atmosphere inside an exact replica of a Pan Am Boeing 747. The Pan Am Experience begins at check-in desk where a Pan Am customer service agent provides each passenger with a 70’s style boarding pass, ticket jacket and first class […]
May 28, 2015 — The World’s Most Experienced Airline – The Pan Am Experience

By Jon Nickel-D’Andrea May 28, 2015 Original Story Just north of Burbank, CA in a sleepy little town called Pacoima stands Air Hollywood, a set full of airplane fuselages, cockpits, and one special hangar, the Pan Am Experience! For the uninitiated, Pan Am was born in 1927 and since its fall in 1991, it has grown to have a following of aficionados and airplane buffs who yearn for a time when airplane travel truly was glamorous and fancy. Air Hollywood started offering the Pan Am experience last year, and has been selling out tickets for every departure within about 15 minutes of their offering. Demand is high, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to go back to a time when […]
May 6, 2015

THE INDEPENDENT — The Pan Am Experience is a ‘flight’ back to the 1970s that never takes off-at least not literally

By Tim Walker May 6, 2015 Original Story Tim Walker checks in and checks out a four-hour journey with a difference. The flight is on time, the seats are capacious, the drinks are free and plentiful. The stewardesses are beautiful and beautifully dressed. The in-flight meal is a perfectly pink-centred chateaubriand. This probably doesn’t sound like any commercial flight you’ve ever been on – or, at least, not in the past 35 years. That’s because the Pan Am Experience is a first-class trip to the 1970s. Yes, nostalgia is in the air – or rather, on the ground – at Air Hollywood, a studio in Los Angeles that specialises in aircraft sets. This is where the famous in-flight scenes from […]

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