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April 6, 2016

Flights Of Fancy

It’s been two-and-a-half decades since Pan Am last took to the skies, but that doesn’t mean one can’t still experience the glitz and the grandeur associated with the now defunct airline. Enter the Pan Am Experience, a Los Angeles based supper club that reinvents a classic 1970s flight from the arbiters of glamorous travel. Set inside the confines of Air Hollywood, the world’s largest aviation movie studio and the set for flicks like Bridesmaids, Flight, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Kill Bill, Charlie Wilson’s War and countless others, the “experience” is much as one would imagine. Namely, stewardesses clad in vintage uniforms, a glass of bubbly to greet you as you board and Sinatra playing in the background. Inside, the setting is […]
June 8, 2015

FIVE STAR MAGAZINE – Relive the magic of flying onboard a Pan Am 747 without leaving the ground

June 8, 2015   Air Hollywood in Los Angeles has made it possible for anyone to experience what it was like to fly with Pan American World Airways in the 70’s. Passengers have the experience of immersing themselves in the glamorous world of air-travel introduced by the pioneer airline Pan Am whose routes spanned 6 continents and more than 80 countries. Authentic uniforms, airline seats, vintage Pan Am memorabilia, 70’s music and magazines create a theatrical atmosphere inside an exact replica of a Pan Am Boeing 747. The Pan Am Experience begins at check-in desk where a Pan Am customer service agent provides each passenger with a 70’s style boarding pass, ticket jacket and first class carry-on tags. Once passengers […]
November 29, 2014

FREEMALAYSIATODAY.COM – Pop-up event replicates glory days of air travel aboard Pan Am flight

November 29, 2014 A Hollywood film studio has recreated the glory days of air travel for aviation enthusiasts by replicating the dining experience aboard a Pan Am Boeing 747 when flying was still a sophisticated affair. Before no-frills airlines made air travel accessible to the masses, and before passengers boarded flights in sweatpants and shorts, air travel used to be a glamorous affair, when flyers donned suits and skirts and flying was reserved for the world’s elite. With meticulous detail, Los Angeles film studio Air Hollywood has recreated the flying experience aboard a Boeing 747 from one of the airline industry’s most iconic and fabled carriers, Pan American World Airways — better known as Pan Am — inviting air travel […]
September 19, 2014

IBTIMES.COM – The Pan Am Experience invites you to step back in time

By Iuliia Tore – Oct 11, 2014 Air travel wasn’t always the harrying, knee-defending, fee-collecting experience it is today. In its fabled heyday, flying was filled with glamour: food served on real china, plush seats, endless cocktails and smartly dressed travelers were the norm. And Pan American World Airways, which collapsed in 1991, was the epitome of that luxury in the sky. From its birth in 1927, Pan American Airways was the pioneer airline whose routes spanned 6 continents and more than 80 countries. Almost a century later, the name Pan Am is still a very powerful brand, and inside this Southern California motion picture studio sits an exact replica of the airline’s Boeing 747 and everything that made it […]

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