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April 7, 2015

YAHOO.COM/TRAVEL – Blast From the Past— My Day as a PanAm Flight Attendant

Ko Im | April 7, 2015 Being a flight attendant in the modern age of cranky passengers and tight quarters is no easy task. But what if you could turn back time to the glory days of flying? Air Hollywood makes those high-flying dreams come true every other Saturday night. The studio started offering simulated Pan Am flights last fall, and so far, every seat has been taken on a refurbished Boeing 747. The plane is decorated in vintage style, every dish is from the era, the silverware is authentic, and even the uniforms are almost 50 years old. Former Pan Am flight attendant Barbara Norberg trains all the actresses portraying stewardesses. Standing at just about 5-foot-9, long-limbed Barbara barely […]

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