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May 6, 2015

THE INDEPENDENT — The Pan Am Experience is a ‘flight’ back to the 1970s that never takes off-at least not literally

By Tim Walker May 6, 2015 Original Story Tim Walker checks in and checks out a four-hour journey with a difference. The flight is on time, the seats are capacious, the drinks are free and plentiful. The stewardesses are beautiful and beautifully dressed. The in-flight meal is a perfectly pink-centred chateaubriand. This probably doesn’t sound like any commercial flight you’ve ever been on – or, at least, not in the past 35 years. That’s because the Pan Am Experience is a first-class trip to the 1970s. Yes, nostalgia is in the air – or rather, on the ground – at Air Hollywood, a studio in Los Angeles that specialises in aircraft sets. This is where the famous in-flight scenes from […]
May 3, 2015

APEX — Pan Am Fan Clubs

By Caroline Ku May 3, 2015 Original Story Twenty-four years after the demise of the legendary airline, Pan American World Airways is still riding on the coattails of Jet Age nostalgia. PAN AM VIRTUAL MUSEUM Everything Pan Am is a virtual museum run by Kelly Cusack, who started at the airline as a baggage handler and made his way up to the executive level. Cusack owns more than 5,000 items of Pan Am memorabilia, and his website painstakingly archives any aircraft object, group, or piece of history associated with Pan Am. PAN AM EXPERIENCE The Pan Am Experience by Air Hollywood reenacts every aspect of what it was like to travel as a Pan Am passenger — except for the […]
April 3, 2015

KCRW RADIO — The Pan Am mystique lives on – in Pacoima (RADIO CLIP)

By Avishay Artsy April 3, 2015 Original Story Want to relive the golden years of aviation? In a warehouse miles from Hollywood, you’ll find a high-class tribute to the beloved airline Pan Am. Every other Saturday night, customers line up outside a warehouse in Pacoima to relive a nostalgic experience. As a small boy, said Anthony Toth, “I started collecting airplane models, and small things like timetables and luggage tags. But as I got older, the desire to have more and more aircraft things became greater and greater.” ‘Tears came to my eyes, because it was so real.’ So much so that Toth visited so-called airport graveyards in the deserts that sold larger pieces of fuselage … “sidewall panels, and overhead […]
March 1, 2015

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LIFE MAGAZINE — Come Fly With Me – A Retro Air Experience That Harkens Back to Aviation’s Golden Era

By Erika Thomas March/April 2015 Original Story Take one part aviation geek, one part Hollywood production, combine them with chateaubriand and manhattans served up by stewardesses decked out in powder blue uniforms and you’ve got the Pan Am Experience. “I became obsessed with aviation at a very young age. I took my first Pan Am flight in 1971 at four years old, going from J.F.K. to Zurich. The minute I walked on board and saw the giant winding staircase, red carpet and two beautiful girls in matching outfits, that was it,” says Anthony Toth, Founder and CEO of Pan Am Experience. “Before I could really put it into words, the glamour of the Pan Am brand had resonated with me, […]

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