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July 20, 2015

AIR & SPACE MAGAZINE — Pretend to Fly Pan Am — On a Hollywood Sound Stage

By Phil Scott July 20, 2015 Original Story The Pan Am Experience aims to recreate a bygone era when airline food was good. For her birthday in October, May Gin Ng and husband Roger Lee flew from San Francisco to Los Angeles to dine on airline food inside a stationary Boeing 747. “It was the best birthday present I have received in many years,” she gushes. It also sounds like the kind of deal Tom Sawyer offered his friends to get them to whitewash his fence, but it’s called The Pan Am Experience, cooked up by Pan Am collector Anthony Toth. “As a young child I flew on a Pan Am 747 and I instantly became obsessed,” says Toth, an […]
July 12, 2015

RENÉS POINTS — Miss the “golden days of travel”? Try the Pan-Am Experience

By Noah Mark July 12, 2015 Original Story Most long time readers know that my family heritage with aviation runs a few generations. My granddad worked for Pan-Am way back when and my uncle was a pilot (not with flying experiences from “back in the day”). So when Noah Mark (a frequent contributor here on the blog) told me about the adventure he was going on I really wanted to go, but I was in Sweden for much of May this year so it did not work. But after seeing his guest post, I think I need to book time to go one day! – René As a frequent flyer and aspiring #AVGeek I cannot tell you exactly when I […]
July 1, 2015

BIZBASH — Event Innovators 2015: Talaat Captan

By Alesandra Dubin July 1, 2015 Original Story The president and C.E.O. of Air Hollywood has turned one of the most unique studios in town into a memorable event venue. The crowded entertainment landscape of Los Angeles can make it difficult for venues to gain distinction. But Talaat Captan, 56, heads up one of the most unique outfits in town: Air Hollywood is a specialty motion picture production studio and prop house that provides multiple airplane interiors as filming locations. Beyond that, it houses the new Pan Am Experience, which opened in October and has propelled the venue into a live-event space, as well: The mock-up, built from interior components of a retired 747, along with newly fabricated pieces, has […]
June 8, 2015 — My Time Traveling Pan Am Experience

By Scott Walker June 8, 2015 Original Story “And where are you flying today?” Where, indeed? I’ve just stepped up to the check-in counter for my Pan Am Experience “flight,” and according to Air Hollywood‘s website, I’m about to “relive the magic of flying onboard a luxurious Pan Am 747.” In this case, I’ll be flying on board a specific 747, the Pan Am Clipper Juan T. Trippe, named after the airline’s founder. And the entire trip will happen in a Pacoima, CA warehouse. Pan Am Check-in Counter Pan Am Experience Boarding Ticket and Luggage Tags The counter sits just inside the entrance to the terminal / club lobby where I and my fellow passengers congregate while waiting for the departure of […]

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